Fark Basınç Transmitteri

Temel olarak iki nokta veya iki farklı basınç kaynağı arasındaki basınç farkını ölçen fark basınç transmitterinin en yaygın kullanıldığı uygulamalar sıvı akışkanlar için seviye, yoğunluk, arafaz, debi ve basınç kaybı ölçümü, buhar ve gaz fazdaki akışkanlar için basınç kaybı ve debi ölçümüdür. Analog transmitterlere göre daha dinamik ve yüksek hassasiyetlidirler. Fark basınç transmitterleri bu özellikleri sayesinde daha sıkı bir proses takibi imkanı sağlar.


Span/ Range Limits kPa inH2O mbar mmH2O
B Span 0.2~6 0.8~24 2~60 20~600
Range limits -6~0 -24~24 -60~60 -600~600
C Span 0.4~40 1.6~160 4~400 40~4000
Range limits -40~40 -160~160 -400~400 -4000~4000
D Span 2.5~250 10~1000 25~2500 0.25~25mH2O
Range limits -250~250 -1000~1000 -2500~2500 -25mH2O~25mH2O
F Span 30~3000 120~12000 0.3~30bar 3-300mH2O
Range limits -500~3000 -2000~12000 -5~30bar -5~300mH2O


Reference Accuracy of Calibrated Span: ±0.075%,±0.1%  (If TD>10(TD=URL/SPAN), ±(0.005×TD)%)

(includes terminal-based linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability)

The square root accuracy is 1.5 times of reference accuracy of calibrated span.

Ambient Temperature Effects: -20℃~65℃:±(0.075×TD+0.025)%×Span

-40℃~-20℃ &  65℃~85℃:±(0.1×TD+0.025)%×Span

Every 10℃ is ±0.04% ×Span (TD=1)

Static Pressure Effects ±(0.025%URL+0.05%Span)/10MPa
Over pressure Effects ±0.05%×Span /10MPa
Stability: ±0.1%×Span /3 years
Power Supply Effects: ±0.001% /10V (12~42V DC)
Output: Two wire 4~20 mADC output with digital communications, linear or square root programmable.

HART FSK protocol are superimposed on the 4~20 mADC signal. Output range: 3.9 mA to 20.5 mA.

Failure Alarm (the mode can be selected): Low Mode (min): 3.7 mA        High Mode (max): 21 mA

No Mode (hold): Keep the effective value before the fault. Note: The standard setting of failure alarm is High Mode.

Response Time: The amplifier damping constant is 0.1 sec; The sensor damping constant is 0.1~1.6 sec, it depends on the range and range compression ratio. Amplifier damping time constant is adjustable from 0.1 to 60 sec by software and added to response time.
UpTime:  <15s
Ambient Temperature Limits: -40 to 85℃ / -20 to 65℃ with LCD display or fluorine rubber sealing
Storage and Transportation 

Temperature Limits:

-50 to 85℃ / -40 to 85℃ with LCD display
Working Pressure Limits (Silicone oil): Maximum working pressure:16MPa,25MPa,40MPa
Static Pressure Limits: 3.5kPa abs. to maximum working pressure
One-way Overload Pressure Limit: The maximum one-way overload pressure is maximum working pressure


Wetted Parts Materials

 Sensor Body  316L stainless steel
 Isolating Diaphragm  316L stainless steel / Hastelloy  C/Gold plated on 316L/FEP

plated on 316L/Tantalum

 Cover Flange  316 stainless steel
 Nuts and Bolts  304 stainless steel
 Process Connector  316 stainless steel
 Fill fluid  Silicone oil/Fluorinated oil
 Process Connector Gasket  Perbunan(NBR)/Viton  (FKM)/Teflon(PTFE)
 Amplifier Housing  Aluminum with epoxy resin coat
 Housing Gasket  Perbunan(NBR)
 Name plate and tag  304 stainless steel
 Weight  3.3kg
 Degrees of Protection:   IP67