Enelsan branded temperature sensors convert temperature value coming from three wired PT100 to 4-20 mA or 0-10 V electrical signal. It is programmable with PC software.

Transmitters accommodate malfunction warning system for sensor breaking or short circuit circumstances. This warning function as utmost importance for determination of problems in system and stability of process productivity.

Temperature transmitters have certain standards for their duties that they assumed as well as their physical designs. Compact structure of transmitters which are 18 mm lenght and weight 27 grams, allow them to perform measurements in a wide range of temperature from -200°C’up to 850°C’.

Quality of Enelsan branded temperature transmitters is certified by international certifications.

Other Standards:

IEC 60529

IEC 61010

IEC 61326

Technical Information:

  Type Measurement Range Min. Meas. Range
ETRANS-T Pt100 -200 – 850 °C (-328 – 1562 °F) 10°C
acc. to IEC 60751 (a = 0.00385)
Connection type: 3-wire connection
Sensor current: < 0.5 mA
SUPPLY VOLTAGE MST10R: 7.5 – 45V DC; MST10RU: 13.5 t – 45V DC
Output Signal 4-20 Ma
Load Rmax = [(Usupply – 7,5) / 0,022] Ω
Signal at Alarm Lower scope: Linear descend to3.8 mA
Upper scope: Linear ascend to 20.5 mA
Sensor Breaking, Short circuit
Linearization/Transmitting behavior Linear temperature, linear resistance, Linear Voltage
Galvanic Isolation None
Dimensions 44 x 18 mm
Weight Approximately 27 g