Metering Skid is an operational process application that provides customers substantial saving in respect of cost and time, by uniting modular parts in a single unit.  Skid system named as SKID is especially used in petroleum industry. It becomes possible to transfer ship to port and/or port to ship fuel oil and petroleum derivatives (petrol, natural gas, kerosene, diesel, jet fuel, LPG etc) and to correct MID sealed meters used during such transfer by using Skid Systems produced by Enelsan.

This application consists of pipes, valves, pumps, flowmeters, meters, measuring instruments, PLC and flow computer. The standards that need to be met are generally concerned with measurement quality, security level measurement setting against circumstances such as explosion and leaking and error margin of measurement.

Enelsan Skid system satisfies all these standards in professional level with its experience of more than 40 years in instruments and its reliable quality and provides up-to-date electronic and mechanic calibrations of skid systems that it produces in accordance with European standards. By this way error margin of the system is minimized therefore consistent measurement reliability is achieved.

Enelsan, with its engineering knowledge and experience, provide most suitable solution in respect of performance-price by selecting the most suitable value components for your process.

Applications that allow loading and unloading by using Skid System:

– Ship

– Tanker

– Jet Fuel

– Railway Car

– Portside Lines

– LPG, LNG Lines

– All kind of tanks

In case it is required, Enelsan can integrate injection and blending systems to skid systems.