In accordance with “Continuous Waste Water Monitoring” (CWWM) communique of The Ministry of Urbanism and Environment, which was promulgated in the Official Gazette Dated 22nd of March 2015, waste water treatment facilities with or above 10.000 m3/day of installed capacity or facilities that  discharge their waste water without any treatment process (cooling water, deep sea discharge, eat transfer etc.) via any direct line are obliged to measure their waste water by a cabinet that they establish outlet points of waste water and which includes equipment devices will perform measurements and analyses.

Facilities which fall within scope of CWWM communique are obliged to make real-time measurements on parameters such as flow rate, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, chemical oxygen need and suspended solid particles and transmits relevant data to central database of the Ministry.

Foresaid facilities are obliged to adapt their systems within 4 months at the latest as of the date of promulgation of CWWM communique.

Within this context, Enelsan Endüstriyel Elektronik Sanayii Anonim Şirketi carries out installation of system which conforms to the communique in outlet of your facility.