ETRANS-DP difference pressure-meter measures pressure in fluid and gaseous environments. It converts difference between two pressures to analog output signal.

Technical Specifications
Working Principles
Measurement principles Piezo resistive measurement cell
Measurement variables Relative and absolute pressure
Measurement Range 0…700 mbar
Current output 4 ~20 mA
Load (U~10 V) /0,02 A
Measurement error (including linearity histerisis and repeatability) ≤ 0,07% of full scale
Stability ±0,1 Full scale /year
Zero point ±0,2 mV/V
Temperature effect
Span -0,010% TS/K in 0˚-70˚C’; -0,012 % TS/K in  70˚-85˚C’; -0,014 % TS/K in 85˚-135˚C’
Zero ± 0,02 % TS/K
Operation Conditions
Operation Temperature -40˚ ~135˚C
Ambient temperature -25˚ ~85˚C
Storing temperature -50˚ ~125˚C
Protection Class IP67, IP68 Ex-proof
Isolation Resistance 100MΩ, 100VDC
Mechanical shock 100g, 11ms
Mechanical vibration 10gRMS, (20-200) Hz
Power Supply
Supply Voltage 8…42 VDC
Input resistance 3kΩ – 8kΩ
Output resistance 3kΩ – 6kΩ
Response (10% ~ 90%) <1ms
Sensor Stainless 316L
Process connection Stainless steel 316, hastelloy C, other materials
O-Ring Viton
Outer box Stainless steel 316
Terminal box Stainless steel 316, Aluminium
Process Connections
Hollow  1/4 ‘’ gear
Dimensions and weight
Weight Approximately 4 kg
Dimensions See Figure 2
Packing 300mm x 300mm x 400mm