devir bekçisi enelsan

Enelsan Motion Failure Alarm is an industrial protection system that consist of aprobe, an amplifier and an electronic unit. It reports user with a reliable accuracy about loss of motion in rotating or moving machines. Alarm position can be selected below or above a certain speed.

Non-contact sensor system designed and produced by Enelsan provides cost effective maximum protection in most challenging environments and working conditions by performing remote sensing.

Enelsan Motion Failure Alarm has a long service life and its durable sensor compared to proximity sensors are not affected by dust, dirt and humidity as well as its non-contact working design eliminates greasing, cleansing requirements and part replacement due to wear. Since the amplifier is placed in a separate aluminium box, the probe can work at excessive temperatures.

Assembly and cabling of Enelsan Motion Failure Alarm is very easy. It can be placed at a 10 cm distance to metal material to be sensed. The same application can be done with proximity sensors from distances not more than 2-3 cm and it causes damaging of sensors in systems that generates vibration.

This system significantly reduces downtimes due to malfunctions of moving equipment and cleaning costs. Its use prevents substantial material damages and even fire risks due to equipment clogging. These protection systems that are very effective and amortize themselves at the first alarm.