HYDROSTATIC : Hydrostatic level transmitter measures level via the pressure of the fluid. Hydrastatic pressure that the fluid makes in the bottom is converted into analog signal and the information is transmitted to the control equipment. Hydrostatic level transmitter is used for easy and cost-effective measurement of the fluids. It has wide range of application. It is easy to install and use.

Technical Specifications
Diaphragm Stainless 316L, Ceramic
Materials Fluids
Fluid Temperature 0 – 70 °C
Measurement Range Min 0-300mm   Max 0-150000mm
Linearity ±0,2 % of full scale
Precision ±0,3 % of full scale
Connection Polypropylene
Protection Class IP 68
Supply Voltage 10 – 36 V DC
Output 4 – 20 mA
Body Stainless steel (316)