Enelsan Endüstriyel Elektronik Sanayi Anonim Şirketi has been engaging in its commercial activities as well as its high technology production and integration activities since 1976 in its own factory in Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone.

Gained through years of accumulated know-how and following technological development in the world, are now being offered to the Turkish industry as superior domestic production.

Enelsan is only electromagnetic flowmeter and pressure transmitter producer in Turkey at the present day. Enelsan has righteous pride of being the first company manufacturing difference pressure transmitters.  It has only private sector TÜRKAK accredited flowmeter calibration laboratory in electronic flowmeter calibration. Upper limit of Enelsan in electromagnetic flowmeter calibration has reached to DN2200 dimensions thanks to its large-scale R&D project and investment that it carried out in consequence of this R&D study. Traceable pressure calibration standards are used in production and calibration of pressure transmitters. All products are dispatched with long service life warranty by being subjected to long lasting tests in temperature change chambers. With provided HART feature both remote control and digital linearization opportunities are provided.

Behind today’s flow rate, pressure and temperature measurement elements, there are forty years of experience and unique sensor, transmitter and control device designs for the expectation of the industry.

Enelsan carries out various engineering applications in reading and metering of fluid and gas flow rates and especially for dosing, filling and calibration systems that used by foregoing.

TÜRKAK Accreditation certified flowmeter calibration laboratory which was commissioned at the beginning of 2012 was the biggest investment of private sector in this field. In our accredited calibration laboratory calibration and reporting works of all kind of magnetic, ultrasonic and vortex flowmeters, mass flowmeters, orifice plates which makes measurement with difference pressure principle or venture measuring elements, or process measuring and control devices such as pumps, meters and valves can be performed. Our R&D studies and final product test are performed in the same laboratory.

Enelsan is the first and only local brand in its field.